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Voyage for future

About Us

Ceymark holdings Inc founded in the year 2022. Ceymark Holdings Inc is a promising enterprise providing their services to domestic, international corporate and Individuals worldwide Services such as container Leasing, transportations, Mobile storage solutions (cold and dry), container repairs and other related services are the organizations core operations.  

Ceymark Holdings Inc is willing to go extra mile as we have introduced food products and automotive products and accessories with north American market  As we are focused in providing our clients a complete customized package of services with a value for money goal in mind.

Voyage for Future

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We at Ceymark Holdings Inc provide you with an integrated logistics enterprise rendering excellent service in best-in-class international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution, foreign trade and supply chain management services in a real-time manner.

Founded in the year 2022 to be operated as a single entity alongside my other international-based ventures, I am indeed proud to state that we can offer our services in a customer-centric manner and suit the needs of the market.

We take pride in leaving our mark in the logistics industry with excellence in quality, on-time delivery, and following competitive strategies. Quality has never become a compromising factor in our organization. Our team currently works endlessly to provide services as per the communicated plan. We are also currently working on extending our bespoke services to offer our customers a complete package.

As an organization, we operate by focusing on obtaining the maximum level of customer satisfaction and maintaining stakeholder relationships. We intend to take our company to the next level by adopting new practices and technology by staying committed to excellence in order to become the market leader and maintain sustainability.





To be a renowned brand in the Global logistics Industry whilst keeping the three (R)s in mind Recognition, Respect and Resourceful.



  • Maintaining a confident brand image.
  • Ensure safe and secure procedures as top priorities in operations and services.
  • Offering standardized and customized services to customers.
  • Provide an excellent working environment with a reward system for outstanding performances.
  • Maintaining mutual relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and authorities.
  • Focusing on continuous improvements and innovative techniques.
  • To be an Honest, Truthful and trustworthy shipping partner.
  • To perform business operations whilst satisfying all international and local regulations in a highly professional manner.
  • To be ethical and promote carbon footprint.

our values

  • Safety – We ensure safety throughout our deliveries.
  • Proactive – We work with experienced and knowledgeable personnel.
  • Trustworthy – We ensure a sense of trust is built between the customer and our company.
  • Alignment – Dedicated to serving customers and achieving goals.
  • Transparency – Every step of the process is informed and viewable by the customer.
  • Responsibility – We ensure we work with quality procedures and contribute to the success of our customers.
  • Sustainability – We encourage a deep awareness of our impacts on the economy, the environment and society today and in the future.
  • Teamwork – We foster collaboration and respect, and we aim to leverage each person’s competencies for the benefit of the company.